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” Each water project that LR works on, takes us closer to a world where every person has access to safe water and to agricultural development where children can spend their time in school instead of walking miles every day to get a jug of water, and where food security becomes an achievable goal for all.. “

Joseph Harrosh, Head of the Water Division

A reliable water supply goes well beyond ensuring drinking water and sanitation. It is the key to health, food security, energy access, and safe industry. LR’s water division is doing its part to promote global access to safe water and to agricultural development by providing tailor-made integrated solutions that are environmentally friendly from the source to the end-user.


  • Experience and Technology for Individual Solutions

    We develop water systems to provide access to safe water, guided by a holistic perspective on all aspects of the project. With over 30 years of experience working in remote locations, as well as in towns and cities lacking access to fresh water, we have the knowledge and sensitivity to meet the unique needs of each community. LR’s world-renowned experts use state-of-the-art water technologies, including computerized management systems, to create stable and efficient foundations for sustainable water supply projects.

  • The Right Tools for Sustainable Integration

    We build on this foundation by transfer of know-how, providing training for local residents on the most suitable water system technologies, including theoretical and practical on-site training at our existing water facilities. This strengthens the project itself, as well as the employment prospects for the entire community. In order to ensure the sustainability of the project, LR’s experienced managers remain on-the-ground and involved over the long term, until local employees are completely fluent in management, operation, and adequate maintenance of the water system.

We provide a variety of integrative solutions to meet any need