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“ Whether in small rural clinics or the biggest city hospital, our job at LR is to create wider access to the best of the world’s medical advancements. We make sure to bring in the finest specialists, knowledge, and technological solutions, in order to offer the best possible treatments, wherever we are.”

Yaki Zinger, Head of the Health Division

LR understands that different types of communities around the world have different needs and strives to provide the best care for each. This means honing the skills required to bring polyclinics to peripheral areas as well as to create efficient, cutting-edge hospitals that can serve thousands of people every day.
The outpatient polyclinics provide first-response healthcare in remote areas that have limited access to large hospitals.
Meanwhile, large population centers require advanced medical centers with innovative technology.
LR makes sure that these facilities are well-equipped and staffed by experienced managers and medical professionals who have been given intensive training at the top institutions around the world.


At the Forefront of Medical Strategy and Technology