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Energy & Power

“When we work to improve power supply, we literally get to bring light to people’s lives. With that foundation of infrastructure, communities are able to realize their full potential.”

Avi Elkayam, General Manager, Renewable Energy Division

By facing challenges hand in hand with local communities and partner organizations, the LR Energy division has completed projects in high-growth economies around the world.

A dependable, continuous electricity solution is a community’s first step before taking a great leap into the future.
We help to provide the sustainable infrastructures that form the basis of this vital development.04

  • Applying Experience for Powerful Results

    Our long-term approach focuses on rural development, using understanding of the local culture to implement turnkey energy projects in emerging markets. We begin with cutting-edge technology that has proven itself in a variety of environments. LR Energy’s long track-record includes extensive experience with medium to large-scale energy projects.

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  • Hand-in-Hand for Sustainability

    Our experienced management team remains on-site well after each project has been implemented and begun operating, in order to ensure a smooth handover. Training and knowledge transfer continues until the project has achieved complete independence.

    The impact of this knowledge transfer goes far beyond the project by helping to develop professionals who will support the project itself and create self-sustaining employment throughout the community. At LR, projects are only completed when the knowledge and experience has been successfully transmitted.

We provide a range of solutions to match any energy need