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In Everything We Do
We Believe in Creating change


LR Group is on the forefront of international development, turning vision into ideas, ideas into action, and action into long-term impact.

By empowering people, we enable them to fulfill their potential and to make the most of land, skills, and natural resources, thereby helping whole communities thrive.
We have established a track-record of prosperous, sustainable projects in more than twenty countries over the last three decades.


LR Group has been operating worldwide in the initiation, development, financing, construction, and management of medium and large scale projects in high growth economies. Our experienced teams specialize in Agriculture, Water, Energy & Power, Telecom, Health, and Construction.

Ami Lustig & Roy Ben Yami are senior business executives and investors, who co-own and lead several companies. They are involved in financing, investing, restructuring and development of business & companies in high-growth economies.

Ami and Roy are the joint owners and co-founders of the LR Group Ltd.
The LR Group was founded in 1985 and operates worldwide in financing, managing, developing, producing, and maintaining medium and large scale national projects in high-growth economies all over the world.


The group operates worldwide in collaboration with hosting countries and local partners and employs over 2,000 employees worldwide.
The group offers tailor-made solutions, based on the needs and the resources of each particular hosting partner and have the ability to tie together all the elements of project execution with successful results.


The company and its affiliates have completed hundreds of sustainable projects in Africa, Europe, Oceania and South America in the fields of: Agriculture and agro-industry, Housing and construction, Renewable energy, Water treatment, Communication, Health, Education and training.


The Co-founders pride themselves on investing and taking on projects that generate economic and social benefits for the local communities, improving their standard of living by making basic amenities accessible, providing the training tools to encourage self-sufficiency, strengthen self-esteem and empower the people.


Working closely with the co-founders, Doron Retter has been sharing LR vision for over a decade. Leading LR’s agricultural activities, Doron develops and manages projects worldwide and has guided LR in creating tangible economic benefits and a strong, lasting impact on communities around the globe.




The Co-founders are active philanthropists, supporting through the LR Group and their family foundations different social projects, with special focus on children, health and education.


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