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“Our experience around the world has proven time and again that the tools of agriculture are the tools of economic development. I never get tired of seeing how our projects set a whole value chain in motion and help entire regions grow and prosper. “

Doron Retter, Partner and Head of the Agriculture Division

Known as the “Start-Up Nation,” Israel is famous for applying innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to revolutionize the agriculture field. LR brings that mindset and technology to rural areas around the world. Advanced, centralized farming offers the economic advantages of large-scale enterprises to those who have never had access to them before. By integrating technology, know-how, experience, and training with economies of scale, projects can become the catalyst for intensive economic growth. Their wide-reaching impact strengthens food security, livelihoods, and overall progress.

Commercial farms with consolidated facilities offer the best chances for rapid and ongoing returns on investment. That is why we help to fortify agro-industry and far-ranging infrastructure, ensuring job creation throughout the community. By paying close attention to every detail, from training and micro-financing to high-quality seeds, we construct a network of economic, logistical, and human support. In order to build all this on a strong foundation, LR manages marketing and guarantees offtake, allowing farmers to begin their enterprises on a secure footing, ensuring their economic success.pic02

LR projects include a wide range of agricultural solutions

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