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“In a world where being connected anywhere, at any time, matters more than ever, LR Group provides the telecom technology that brings great changes to communities and significantly enhances quality of life.”

Gidon Buller, Head of the Telecommunications Division

The telecommunication sector is undergoing rapid changes. These developments are driven by increasing competition and technological advances, including the convergence of telecoms, IT, and broadcast, technologies that are rapidly opening up new opportunities. By using telecom networks, the internet has the potential to radically influence business practices and the way communities learn, shop, communicate, and participate in modern society.01LR Group is an innovative global telecommunications integrator, providing state-of-the-art solutions for governments, telecom service providers, and the private sector, specializing in the delivery of data and voice solutions. Years of global experience enable us to design, develop, and implement large-scale, cutting-edge telecommunication solutions. Our highly trained and efficient staff is totally committed to providing the leading-edge solutions needed to help our customers work and communicate more efficiently and profitably.


We provide the best technology available for voice, data, mobile, broadband, and IT solutions ensuring that our customers are up-to-date and leading the way in the constantly evolving communications industry.
LR Group specializes in turnkey telecommunications projects, from planning and design to implementation and management. We provide a leading one-stop-shop solution for all business communication needs, backed by a team dedicated to providing outstanding service.

We provide a range of solutions to match a variety of telecom needs

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