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a core value for LR Group

Sustainable development involves systematically taking the needs of future generations into account when assessing the viability of a project. In the words of the United Nations, it is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

LR Group fully adheres to this principle. It is a defining part of our business philosophy, and is carefully incorporated into every project we undertake. LR Group’s approach includes four main components: Environmental sustainability, innovative technology, cultivation of local partnerships, and the efficient transfer of knowledge and skills. Before beginning any project, LR Group conducts meticulous environmental and cultural assessments, making sure we have a deep understanding and appreciation for local resources and potential.


This respect for long-standing local communities is an essential part of LR Group’s approach to sustainability. A deep-seated understanding and respecting for culture, religions, and traditions helps us to engage people at both the group and individual level, which is essential to gaining real insight into social structures and community needs.

LR’s next step to sustainability involves using clean technology that can ensure the most efficient use of both human and environmental resources while meeting the individual needs of each project. This underscores that long-term perspective that is a foundation of our philosophy and our business strategy.


Establishing local partnerships is the foundation for LR projects, as it is the first step to creating acceptance and personal investment on the part of local communities, leading to abiding trust and continuity. These partners include regional governments, local entrepreneurs, nearby residents, or even all three. By establishing strong networks of trusting partners, LR promotes mutual economic benefits and overall business growth.

This also paves the way for the final key ingredient of LR Group’s approach to sustainability: knowledge transfer. By training members of the local community, LR builds a diverse community of skilled professionals able to support and lead each project. This is the essential element in ensuring a successful transition and the continuation of each project’s social, environmental, and economic impact.


In order to guarantee that we are meeting our own high standards of sustainable progress, LR Group monitors each project using impact assessment methods that have been perfected over years of worldwide development experience. This allows us to certify that innovative, state-of-the-art projects are driven by tangible positive results for communities and stakeholders.

All of these factors are necessary in order to turn LR’s vision into reality. Creating environmental awareness, securing community engagement, developing local entrepreneurship, and ensuring food security, LR Group demonstrates daily that there are no shortcuts on the road to sustainability.

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