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Construction & Infrastructure

“Our goal with each and every project is to build at the highest levels of quality while working in complete harmony with local residents, environments, and cultures.”

Yigal Solomon, Head of the Construction & Infrastructure Division

LR’s Construction & Infrastructure division has conquered challenging and diverse projects around the world, providing experienced, expert construction services with a unique focus on the local environment and culture.

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  • Global Expertise Meeting Local Needs

    As part of this vision, we are attentive to the unique needs of each project, starting from everything from local raw materials and soil conditions, and reaching to the community’s culture and lifestyle, in addition to the client’s schedule, and regulatory requirements. We employ cutting-edge technology and years of experience building infrastructure, affordable housing, and high-end, urban residential and commercial buildings. Using these tools, we seek to complement and strengthen regional employment and local production, in order to build strong communities.

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We provide a range of construction and infrastructure solutions to meet any need

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