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Equipping medical teams in Yangzhou, China, to deal with medical emergencies

30 December 2020

The LR Group, the Ministry of Health and Beilinson Hospital are equipping medical teams in the city of Yangzhou, China, to deal with medical emergencies.

This month, online training of Chinese medical teams in the field of emergency preparedness began as part of a cooperation agreement signed several years ago between the Israeli and Chinese governments (G2G). The agreement states that Israel will assist in preparing the Chinese health system for emergencies. The LR Group was selected to serve as an integrator for the Israeli government in the emergency preparedness project in the city of Yangzhou, China, which has a population of approximately 5 million.

This is a large-scale project, which will last between 3-5 years and will be carried out in several stages and is later expected to expand to other cities in China. The aim of the project is to bring Israeli knowledge and reduce the gaps in the level of readiness in the field of health. In preparation for the project, a delegation from the Ministry of Health visited the city of Yangzhou to assess the readiness of the city’s hospitals for emergencies. During the visit, the gaps in the preparedness of the health system of the city of Yangzhou were identified, following which a report was submitted to the heads of state with recommendations for improvement and an action plan for their implementation.

This project is a significant milestone in the implementation of the collaboration that combines Israeli expertise, technologies and information systems in the field of emergency preparedness.

Beilinson Hospital was selected by the LR Group and the Israeli Ministry of Health to lead the first phase of the project. The first phase includes training medical staff to respond to a conventional multi-casualty events and training in emergency response and hospital preparation. The training will be provided by Beilinson medical teams, as well as medical teams from the Ministry of Health, MDA, Tel Aviv University and other hospitals (Schneider, Haemek, Rambam).

The project is a continuation of the LR Group’s extensive activities in the field of health in the world and in China in particular. The group has been operating in China for a number of years, and is establishing projects whose main purpose is to make Israeli knowledge and methodologies accessible to hospitals and medical professionals throughout China.

Yaki Zinger, VP of Business Development and Director of Health at LR Group: ‚ÄúThis month we started the first practical phase which includes training medical staff in responding to a multi-casualty incident, building emergency response plans and preparing hospitals in Yangzhou city in China. The LR Group is proud to lead this important project that expresses exceptional cooperation between the Government of Israel and the Government of China in the field of medicine. We are pleased that the Israeli Ministry of Health has chosen the LR Group to carry out this project in collaboration with the leading medical institutions in Israel. “