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Using an advanced technology & knowledge transfer model, LR Group is successfully revitalizing the N’sele Presidential Farm in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The farm is now the hub of a community that enjoys improved food security and a higher living standard.

The Opportunity

Revitalize the N’sele Farm as a model of DRC agricultural reform.
Although suffering from chronic food shortages, the DRC’s climate and varied soil offer it the potential to be a prominent agricultural producer.
The 1566-hectare New N’sele Agricultural Farm (NNAF) complex, located on the banks of the N’sele River, was founded to feed the surrounding population of Kinshasa and the entire area, while directly and indirectly creating employment for local residents.
For years, a lack of stability had hindered the project, but the return of political stability to the DRC brought with it the opportunity and full government support to assist the arm in achieving its original goals.

The Vision

Partner with government and locals to build a sustainable agro business.
The LR Group envisioned a reorganized, revitalized farm using education and government support to create sustainable development of a wide variety of agricultural products.
By sharing vital agro knowledge, new and modern agricultural technologies and business practices with the local and foreign farm managers and workers, LR would create a long lasting local source of high-quality affordable nutrition, thousands of jobs, and an expert knowledge base, thanks to a training and lecture center for agricultural professionals..


The Challenges

Creating the environment for economic success:

  • Strengthening supporting services and improving existing infrastructure, allowing better access to the farm
  • Training motivated workers in safe and efficient agricultural operations
  • Upgrading both practical and administrative skills
  • Ensuring worker benefits, such as health care and pensions

The Project

A multi-stage venture for knowledge and technology transfer.
LR Group contracted with NNAF for a multi-phase rehabilitation project that began by upgrading the infrastructure: paving roads, installing an electricity grid, and transforming the water supply with filtration, conservation and wastewater treatment technologies.
N’sele facilities were expanded to include greenhouses and aquaculture ponds, and re-equipped at international standards to produce eggs, poultry broilers, pigs, vegetables, fruits, field crops and commercially raised fish.
Supporting facilities such as feed mills, incubators, storage, offices, and a logistics center are in various stages of construction and operation.

Training began on-site for both managers, employees, and local farmers to enhance their competency in all aspects of modern agro-business.
The shared values of professional teamwork, worker health and safety standards, environmental care, quality control, veterinary practices, and responsibility to buyers and suppliers were strengthened and quickly applied.

N'Sele farm seen from afar

The Immediate Result

Visible success within the first six months.

Market Impact: NNAF began reconstruction in the summer of 2013 and with prompt cooperation from the local community was able to produce and sell the first products
by January 2014.
A small outlet at the farm entrance attracted a loyal following through direct sales, which grew further supported by organized marketing campaigns.
The regional market responded well to both the affordable price and the quality of N’sele’s products, which were recognized as superior to both local and imported products.

Worker Impact: All employees benefit from stable salaries, social benefits, work-site protection and strong manager relations.
Positive effects are traveling beyond the farm’s borders as many local business have become N’sele suppliers and out-growers in the area will soon begin receiving training and seeds to improve their field yields.

Community Impact: Community activities have been organized, and a health clinic is supported by LR Group.
A new central facility for work, leisure and family activities is now being planned and a thriving commercial center has developed next to the farm where the farm’s sales outlet attracted supporting businesses such as stores and restaurants.
The villages in the area, and along the upgraded electricity grid and water lines now serving the farm, were also connected to this infrastructure, increasing the quality of life for the immediate region.
Last but not least, LR Group supports local organizations in many ways, including donations of farm-grown food.


The Wide-Reaching Impact

A realistic model for the modernization of DRC agriculture.
The DRC’s encouraging economic growth – 8.1 percent in 2013, and another 8.9 percent in 2014 – was reportedly driven partly by increased agricultural productivity, along with focused government effort to help small farmers.
By demonstrating that the N’sele model was effective in bringing Congolese agricultural practices up to the highest international standards, the LR Group continues to contribute to the country’s economic revival and future leadership on the African continent.

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