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Dual Fuel Mobile Turbines at Papua New Guinea’s Kanudi Power Plant and the Port of Lae.
Over just nine months in 2014, LR Group installed and commissioned two mobile dual fuel turbines, improving lives of thousands of households and businesses in PNG.

The Opportunity

Build reliability by strengthening the supply from PNG Power Ltd.
Businesses, services, and industries, including the mines, in Port Moresby and Lae all relied on the existing power supply. Continuous blackouts seriously disrupted daily life and therefore the PNG government made this issue a policy priority.

The Vision

Provide immediate, and lasting, relief for two growing cities
LR Group planned a solution that would look toward the future and go beyond solving the immediate blackout problems. With current power demand in Port Moresby and Lae at ~150MW and likely to grow as much as five times by 2030, there was an urgent need to increase the power supply. The goal was to meet the demand for electricity, while finding ways to accommodate and encourage regional growth and reduce the long term price.

The Project

Planning for a thriving future with added energy capacity.
Originally, the PNG government planned to procure two 15MW mobile turbines for PNG Power Ltd, but instead the LR Group managed to supply two 26MW GE mobile turbines at a very attractive price. The units are dual fuel, operating on both diesel and gas, and are therefore ready to meet future requirements when gas will be available.

In close cooperation with PNG Power and local authorities, the turbines were installed in record time. Prime Minister Peter O’Neill officially inaugurated the first unit in Port Moresby in November 2014 and the second in the Port of Lae was inaugurated in February 2015.

With this added capacity and flexibility, power services in the area are now operating at peak efficiency, providing reliable support for industry, businesses, and all local services in both cities.


Security and growth for residents and businesses
With the improvement in the power supply, daily life functions more smoothly in Port Moresby and Lae. Access to reliable, uninterrupted power sources have helped to lower the operating costs for businesses and industry, making life easier for business owners and consumers alike.

With strong, dependable electricity, the cities are beginning to revive themselves as major industrial hubs in Papua New Guinea.

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