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LR Group Rehabilitates DAIPN Lukelenge Poultry Farm, DRC.

16 December 2020

On May 16th 2019, LR group’s affiliate signed a contract with the Industrial Promotion Fund (FPI) for the Rehabilitation, Modernization and Operation of the DAIPN poultry farm, as part of the 100 days emergency program of the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Félix Tshisekedi.

The farm had seen no production for over 10 years and was transformed into a training camp for police. In June 2019, LR Group started monitoring the rehabilitation and modernization work, and despite great logistical difficulties the group completed the work on the farm by April 2020, in less than one year. Works on the farm included the renovation of electricity, water supply, rehabilitation of all the buildings and the establishment of a sanitary block and offices.

Operation of the project began after 3 months of construction and ended at the end of August 2020, a year of operation as part of the first phase agreement. The operational phase included overall knowledge transfer ensuring sustainable production and the necessary training and support for the 50 employees at DAIPN Lukelenge farm.

Having completed stage one, DAIPN Lukelage currently produces 72 tons of broilers per year, 7,500 laying hens and 2.5 million eggs collected by automated collection system.

According to François Mpuila, deputy director of studies at the Industry Promotion Fund (FPI) and coordinator of the DAIPN Lukelenge Rehabilitation project, the second phase of the project aims to double production quantities to 5 million eggs and 140,000 chickens.

A feed mill will be established and additional land allocated for the production of poultry feed reducing the steep production costs of the produce significantly.

LR Group continues to work closely with rural communities, making most of their resources and skills to improve livelihoods and achieve lasting economic growth and food security.

LR Group Rehabilitates DAIPN Lukelenge DRC Video

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