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LR Group Initiates Sunyani Region Water Supply Project to Transform Drinking Water Accessibility in Ghana

22 August 2023

In a transformative initiative set to reshape drinking water accessibility, the Sunyani Region Water Supply Project, spearheaded by the visionary LR Group, is on the cusp of realization. The project, aimed at revolutionizing the drinking water supply system in Sunyani, the regional capital of Bono in Ghana, has been given the green light to commence after a brief delay. This pioneering endeavor reflects LR Group’s commitment to driving positive change and addressing critical water challenges in the region.

Originally slated to commence in July 2022, the project encountered a temporary setback due to pending approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This approval delay led to a rescheduled start date, with the main earthworks now anticipated to commence this year. Francis Agyei-Boateng, the General Manager of Project Planning and Development at the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), confirmed the revised timeline.

At the forefront of this groundbreaking initiative, LR Group, renowned for its expertise in executing development projects, takes center stage. Underlining their dedication to the project’s success, LR Group is set to execute the first phase of the project, following an agreement inked with GWCL in November 2022. The company’s specialized expertise will drive the construction of a cutting-edge water intake system, poised to deliver a substantial 55,000 cubic meters (m3) of clean water per day.

As an integral part of this comprehensive water supply transformation, the project encompasses crucial components, including:

The project’s completion is projected for November 2025, marking a pivotal milestone for the region. Beyond the confines of Sunyani Municipality, the project’s positive impact will extend to various communities, including Chiraa, Fiapre, Nsoatre, Mantukwa, Dumasua, Odomase, Kwatire, and neighboring areas. The project’s scope also encompasses Tanoso, Techire, Yamfo, Susuanso, Adrobaa, Afrisipakrom, and adjacent regions within the Tano North municipality of the Ahafo region.

With a substantial financial commitment of approximately EUR 133.3 million from the Ghanaian government, the project underscores the nation’s resolute dedication to overcoming water scarcity challenges and ensuring sustainable access to clean water for its populace. As the initiator of this monumental endeavor, LR Group is pioneering a brighter future for Ghana by addressing water accessibility on a significant scale.