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First Local Milk Production in Papua New Guinea’s History

19 February 2018

Earlier this month Ilimo Dairy Farm made history by producing fresh, local milk in Papua New Guinea for the very first time.

Fresh milk bottles have been distributed and sold throughout the capital, Port Moresby, reducing the milk price in the market in half.

PNG’s Minister for National Planning, Richard Maru, reffered to the Ilimo Dairy Farm as a project that is a substantial investment in the country.

Kid drinking milk

“The formula for a good dairy farm is very simple,” Weiss (aka Innovative Agro Industry chairman and executive director) said.
“Healthy cows produce good, top-quality milk.
“It’s as simple as that.
“We have to make sure that the cows are stress-free, get the best diet, and they will in turn give us the best, top-quality milk that you can get.”

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Milk in Stores POM 1 Milk in Stores POM

This marks the start of an entire dairy enterprise that will provide a variety of dairy products and enable locals to enjoy fresh milk at an affordable price.

“The locally produced milk, yogurt and ice cream could replace imported dairy products coming from Australia and New Zealand — both major exporters of dairy products to PNG.

The PNG Government placed high tariffs on milk importers in its 2018 budget and Mr Weiss said the local milk would stay cheaper than the imports.”

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Local pouring milk