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Anton De Kom University Suriname

20 August 2020

Development of Student Dormitories, public buildings and infrastructure in Suriname’s prestigious Anton de Kom University

2018 saw the successful completion of phase one of Anton de Kom University project.  The first stage consists of two dormitories buildings for 304 students, a modern cooking kitchen and dining area for 1,500 people in three shifts, laundry, convenient store and campus offices.

The project aims to encourage and enable hundreds of Surinamese students from all across the country to pursue higher education at Suriname’s only public university. The project was carefully designed with utmost consideration for the environment and for the comfort and social life of the students in order to promote higher education in the country.

Increasing the number of student dormitories, strengthening the university infrastructure, focusing on student welfare and improving research and teaching facilities are all part of the government’s effort to invest in accessible national higher education for all.

To  maximize efficiency, the project is being developed in phases by implementing high tech methods. It entails the construction of nine student dormitory buildings for 1500 students, two research buildings and an auditorium. Currently the project is well into phase two with the construction of two additional dormitories with 304 beds and a state of the art auditorium seating an audience of 1200 people.

This multi-phase project aims to create a positive social impact by promoting young leadership and is undoubtedly a tremendous catalyzer to local economic and educational development of Suriname.